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Pete Jacobs – Customer Testimonial

Pete Jacobs: Black Dog Recording, Recording Engineer

“Hey everybody.  I’m a VERY proud new owner of a Trident 88-16 decked out with Lundhals on all of the preamps and the main outs.  I did my first mix on it this week (and did an a/b to an itb mix), and I’d just like to throw into this thread that I am FLOORED by this console!  I have a small home music and audio production business in Nashville, and I record a lot of local independent artists.  I’ve gotten to work previously on Neve 8058s, API Legacys, SSL 4000s, Dualitys, so I know the sonic imprints of these boards, and I truly think The Trident is a dark horse console (no joke intended with George Harrison having recorded at Trident)… I honestly might like it better than every one of the aforementioned consoles.  It’s got ALL of the qualities I prefer sonically… Less mushy and more open top end than a Neve, yet sweeter and more harmonically “lush” than an API, and MUCH FULLER and richer than an SSL. For guitar players, it kind of reminds me of the same things I will
always love about a classic, original Vox AC30… You just plug in and everything sounds gorgeous!  And then just nudge it into the red a bit, and it SINGS!

My background since studying Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music has been mostly in the rock/pop/americana genres, and occasionally country.  I’ve toured with my own classic rock influenced band and love helping other local artists in their development and sound.  I’ve also been lucky to get to work with and learn from some amazing grammy-winning engineers in the past and have done some pre-mixes for Michael Brauer.  

I spent the past 4 years in my private studio using a hodgepodge of outboard preamps and gear and was mixing mostly in the box.  I felt like I just wasn’t being WOWd by my mixes at home the way I used to be when I got to use a high end console.  Then I mixed on the 88… So much headroom, such perfect euphonic harmonic content, punch, width, depth, 3Dness… It’s a beast!  I believe it deserves to become a “classic.”  I’m extremely excited about the Trident and can’t wait to start sharing what I do with it, and be assured, I will.  I think many of the samples I’ve heard online thus far don’t do it justice.  It deserves to be heard in all its glory, so I will share as I’m able.  

In the meantime, I’d just like to thank Alan, Justin, Taz, and everyone at Trident.  Music is something universally transcendent and beautiful in this world.  You guys have managed to build a desk that has some of the same magic that made my favorite records sound so euphonic… what made them so important to me.  It really has that X factor!